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Tập bản đồ Nông nghiệp Việt Nam. Mô tả Tổng điều tra Nông thôn, Nông nghiệp và Thuỷ sản 2001

Tập bản đồ Nông nghiệp Việt Nam. Mô tả Tổng điều tra Nông thôn, Nông nghiệp và Thuỷ sản 2001 ― Xunhasaba Store
English title translation: Agricultural Atlas of Vietnam. A Depiction of the 2001-year Rural Agriculture and Fisheries Census
Authors: Vietnam General Office of Statistics (GOS). FAO. Vietnam Animal Production & Health Division (AGAL). Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC). Pro-Poor Livestock Policy Initiative (PPLPI).
Publishing house: Ban Do (Cartographic Publishing House)
Year: 2007
Languages: Bilingual Vietnamese - English
Pages : 170
Size: 30.0 x 42.0
Cove: hardcover
Vote(s): 162
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“This Atlas of Vietnam for the first time combines detailed agricultural statistical data from the 2001-year Rural Agriculture and Fisheries Census with small-area geographic information system (GIS) data. A great variety of Census variables has been analyzed and presented as maps at commune level. The broad range of Agricultural statistics contained in the Atlas is designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the geography of agricultural production in rural Vietnam.
Through the distribution of this Atlas to government institutions at different administrative levels, it is hoped that these maps will help foster an increased understanding of the spatial characteristics of Agriculture in Vietnam amongst policy-makers, researchers, teachers, students and other interested individuals.
The Atlas was produced jointly by the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Statistics of the Vietnam GOS and the PPLPI of the FAO. Funding was provided by the SDC and the PPLPI. The Atlas is set out in six broad sections: 1 - Introduction. 2 - Basic demography & infrastructure. 3 - Crop agriculture, forestry & aqua-culture. 4 - Livestock. 5 - Commercial farms & cooperatives. 6 - Rural incomes from Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
The first section provides some introductory information & presents the geographical setting for the agricultural atlas. The next four sections describe the Cencus data & present them as a variety of maps. Livestock data (LD), for example, are not only shown as densities on the total area of land in commune, but also as densities on designated agricultural land. LD may also be expressed as average numbers per livestock-keeping households - pertaining to the typical scale of livestock operations in that commune. The final section of the Atlas draws on data from the sample module surveying households in the 2001-year Census, to illustrate the varying roles of different types of agricultural activity in contributing to rural incomes in Vietnam.” (From the Preface of the Atlas)

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