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Văn kiện Đại hội X của Đảng Cộng sản Việt Nam. Những vấn đề lý luận và thực tiễn

Văn kiện Đại hội X của Đảng Cộng sản Việt Nam. Những vấn đề lý luận và thực tiễn ― Xunhasaba Store
Authors: Vietnam Institute for Philosophy
Publishing house: Khoa Hoc Xa hoi
Year: 2008
Languages: Vietnamese
Pages : 526
Size: 16.0 x 24.0
Vote(s): 202
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The book gathered a total of 43 writings and papers of research staff of Vietnam Institute for Philosophy focussing on an aspects of theoretical & practical issues of Vietnam Communist Party (VCP) the Tenth National Representative Congress documents. It is composed of 4 parts as follows:
Part One: Characteristics of Socialism & the path to socialism of Vietnam (VN).
Part Two: The Party's building, reorganization & issues relating to “the Party's member doing private business”.
Part Three: The building of Socialist rule-by-law State & the issue of political system's renovation.
Part Fourth: Building, developing socialism-oriented market economy & the promotion of VN Industrialization - Modernization.
Here are some the most representative ones: 1 - The 10th VCP Congress and the path to Socialism bypassing Capitalism in VN. 2 - The view of VCP on driving force's role of private ownership. 3 - Solution for overcoming moral degradation & decadence of life style in certain part of cadre & members of the Party in today context. 4 - Political Renewal in VN. Some theoretical & practical problems. 5 - Industrialization - Modernization of VN rural & agriculture. Some emerging issues & solutions. 6 - The role of human resources (HR) and the problems of HR development in VN today. 7 - Perception, orientation on building & promoting the role of civil society in VN in the context of global integration. 8 - Building VN cultural identity in the context of global integration. 9 - Some notes regarding relationship between economic reform & political reform in VN today. 10 - Promoting VCP governing capacity in the today's conditions.

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